About Ali


Ali Abdo (born October 2, 1984) is an Egyptian motorcyclist, adventurer, World Records holder and Founder of Around Egypt on a Motorcycle initiative, Ali Working as Infrastructure Architect at IBM, Participate UNDP to raise awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), No Place Like Egypt Ambassador.





  • The first Arab to hold a world record on motorcycle.

  • The only one in Africa and middle east holds a world record on motorcycle.

World Records:

  • Longest Distance Traveled By Motorcycle In Seven Days.

  • Greatest distance on a motocross bike in 24 hours.


Ali is Architect & Motorcycle rider keens to help people to know, do and live better.

Ali Abdo Timeline


The beginning

Ali started to work as remotely Infrastructure Architect, after few months he ended up tired from consuming his time on earth at home, So Ali endeavored to discover something else to invest his free time in, which is Motorcycle Riding, After 6 month of research Ali purchased his first motorcycle Suzuki GS500.


The rider

Ali started riding his motorcycle inside Alexandria city as interest to see alternate places and people. After 3  months Ali went to numerous  areas in Egypt, Then he launched his initiative “Around Egypt on a Motorcycle” to spread the knowledge about his country and to promote motorcycling in Egypt.


The explorer

Ali visited all of Egypt on his motorcycle alone in 16 day journey in message to the world that you can visit any place in Egypt at any time even on the motorcycle, Ali’s initiative has grabbed the spotlights both nationally and internationally, due to its objectives and nature that fired up the dimmed passion for adventure traveling, The initiative was covered by multiple publishing houses, and several documentaries were filmed by prestigious media entities to cover Around Egypt on Motorcycle.


The achiever

Ali became The first Arab to achieve a world record on a Motorcycle by registering his first record (Longest Distance Covered on a motocross in 7 Days) in a journey  covered all of Egypt in 7 days, Ali was driving for 18 hours every day to achieve this World Record on his 1193Yamaha XTZ 660 Téneré.


The champion

Ali broke Guinness world record (Greatest distance on a motocross bike in 24 hours) to promote adventures and motorsports, About this record Guinness book of Records said “Ali worked really hard to achieve this Guinness World Records title”


The adventurer

Ali working on his 3rd world record to promote using Electric Vehicles in Middle East to reduce fuel consumption and pollution, Ali planing to spread this case all over the world to highlight the environment issue.


Stay tuned

Ali planning for world wide Journey to promote using Electric Vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and pollution.

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